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One fine day, I was invited to another private program, this being a foreign financial institution kind of company. I don’t always invest time in foreign fintech companies because in most of the cases the setup itself requires a verified account and for that you need to submit some verification document and which I don’t have for that country.

However, this time since I hadn’t done any bug hunting for past couple of months, I thought of dabbling with this. I spent a couple of hours not finding anything, coming back to it after a few hours.

This company also had a forum for discussion. I checked for XSS and some other common things but didn’t find any. The posts in the forum went through a moderation queue.

Later on I tried fiddling with the features in the forum. There was a ‘report abuse’ functionality for each of the post on the forum.

Report Abuse Leaking Post not yet posted

Above screenshot is of a post that I created and then reported abuse for, it wasn’t yet available on the forum but an attacker could still see it’s contents because of ‘report abuse’.


Now to verify the bug I created another account and using the report id I sent a ‘report abuse’ request and yeah I could see the post that wasn’t yet posted. Now all I had to do was iterate over the post id, which was conveniently enough, incremental and thus I could see posts which weren’t yet posted.
Now, since this was a financial forum, if someone posted something important financially, which the moderators didn’t approve ( because it was leaking sensitive data ), an attacker could see those.


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